About Us

We Provide Individualized Care

We are Praktijkin Balanz. We believe in combining scientific and natural approach to healing. Praktijkin Balanz is a network of practitioners of homeotherapy dedicated to providing our patients with excellent services. We believe in individualized care. All of the practitioners in our network are certified and go through continuous learning about the latest healing approaches related to homeotherapy. Our patients are sure to get a professional practitioner who will aid them as they embark on a journey of natural healing and change of lifestyle.

Financial Issues Should Never Be a Hindrance for Overall Wellness
According to surveys, most patients delay seeking professional medical assistance due to lack of financial resources. This is saddening truth about the realities of healthcare. Praktijkin Balanz aims to break this chain and dogma. By giving out voucher codes and adopting an easy payment scheme for financially troubled patients, we may remove the restriction of financial issue. Once the financial issue is out of the way, more people can achieve proper health services and get the attention and care they deserve.

Homoeopathy and Counseling

Praktijkin Balanz provides homeotherapy services and counseling. Though homeotherapy leans toward a natural approach to healing, it is also backed by science. Part of therapy is going through your medical history and diagnosis. Homeotherapy is the perfect balance the use of science and ancient knowledge to help your body activate its defences. Slowly but surely, the patient will see improvements to his or her health. To ensure that long-term benefits will be achieved, we also provide counseling services.