Is homeotherapy for me?

Homeotherapy can help people suffering from acute or chronic diseases. This therapy is for patients who want natural healing instead of taking pills.

Is there a benefit to this compared to conventional medical approaches?

There are a lot of benefits from choosing homeotherapy over conventional medical approaches. Since the goal of the therapy is to let your body’s defences do the work, you will likely experience long-term results. It will not just kill one symptom, but it will also prevent other health issues from occuring.

How do you help your financially troubled patients?

If your financial issues keep you from going to a doctor or seek professional help, we give out promo codes. These promotions will radically lower down your bill. We also let our clients choose a payment scheme that could help them get the service even without paying upfront.

Can I still drink my medicine while undergoing homeotherapy?

It will depend on the type of disease you are trying to cure. There are times that a practitioner will allow you to drink medications as long as it will not have an adverse reaction.

Is there a restriction if you have multiple health issues?

For patients who have multiple health issues like diabetes and high blood, we will be needing a recommendation from your doctor as these types of diseases require maintenance medication. Our approach will change for patients with multiple health issues.

Is it true that patients will experience more aggressive symptoms?

It is true because homeotherapy is about helping your body activate its natural defences. So in the first part of the therapy, patients will experience more aggressive symptoms which will die down as your body become stronger.